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Lauren Kubla


My name is Lauren Kubla and I am not your typical Nurse, yet a specialized nurse in unique wellness solutions that are gentle and powerful. I have worked in healthcare for over 15 years, serving diverse communities throughout Alaska and Colorado. I want to know your story and be part of your journey towards health, healing and wellness. Your beliefs, values and ideas matter to me and help us find the best solutions that lead to optimal outcomes as a team. I believe in quality over quantity and authenticity over idealism.

My passion is in Natural and Alternative Medicine; to serve those who are seeking true health and wellness. Those who take accountability for their health and wellness and desire an educated advocate they can feel trust and feel safe with. How many health professionals have you sought out? Are you exhausted from trying to find health solutions? Have you given up hope?

The system has failed many, we have not failed the system. I will fight for you and use every resource available to support you and your health and wellness solutions; to find and be yourself again.

My Education

Becoming a nurse started with my interest in psychology. Once I realized the integral part psychology plays in the body, mind and spirit I pursued what I felt, and still feel, to be my purpose.

  • Bachelor’s in science of nursing at University of Northern Colorado (2019)
  • Associate in Science of Nursing at University of Alaska (2014)
  • Associate in General Studies with Psychology emphasis at University of Alaska (2010)
  • Certified Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy (2013)
  • Certified Massage Therapist at Oriental Healing Arts Institute (2012)
    • The emphasis study of Eastern Medicine, specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques and modalities
  • Certified Nurse Aide (2008)
    • Private practice and hospital settings

Merging the wisdom of traditional Eastern medicine with modern Allopathic medicine methods is instrumental in my role as a nurse and mentor.

My Mission

The Provider Network Team I have built over my career is a group of specialists across multiple disciplines. These mentors collaborate and help coordinate patient care, providing and allowing for the best possible patient outcomes. Through ongoing education, research and attending annual conferences, I stay up-to-date with the newest available research and evidence based practices, striving to provide the best relationship-based patient-centered care possible.

I am excited to partner with Reddy Natural Medicine, Quicksilver Scientific, Dr. Harding to extend and provide high quality wellness services.

My Philosophy

Prevention and health promotion is key to wellness. Some of us have made it to our maintenance and optimizational level of health. Many want to be there and have been searching for a way to get there. To get and stay truly healthy, we must balance our bodies toxic loads through detoxification, oxygenation, hormone balancing, lifestyle activities and immune modulating therapies. This is done best with a supportive team that gives you accountability and tracking tools with benchmarks to meet. Biohacking the system is possible with the gain of vitality and community.

For those at the beginning or their search for wellness, I believe one must choose to either always be a victim or embrace the challenges to have and experience victory. Find the “cause,” so you don’t get stuck on the “effect.” Discern what is limiting you without judging it. Nothing is greater than your free will to choose and change. Healing brings growth and purpose.

We don’t know what we don’t know, and it is my favorite to see the awakening of my patients when they get to their goal and feel what it feels like to feel good! It has been a blessing to help so many people and providing a sense of hope in their individual journeys. Here at Reddy Natural Medicine, I am looking forward to all the victories to come.

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