Functional Medicine in Louisville, CO

Nearly half the population suffers from at least one chronic health condition. However, just as no two people are completely identical, health conditions differentiate among individuals as well.

As a practicing functional medicine doctor, I believe in the tenets and model of functional medicines as a means of providing holistic and individualized treatment for patients. Treatment is based on a patient’s specific level of health in terms of genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle make-up, and the influence of these variables on their disease and overall well-being.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is based on a model that is individualized and centered around the patient. Therefore, a detailed understanding of the patient’s overall health, combined with specific medical data is necessary. This includes:

  • Genetic data
  • Biochemical data
  • Lifestyle factors

Once this information is gathered, the data is analyzed to create a personalized treatment plan that includes targeted healing and wellness measures to promote health. This leads to the alleviation of symptoms and improved outcomes for the patient.

Utilizing a methodology based on science, in addition to measures of self-report, allows patients and their medical providers to collaborate in addressing the root causes of disease and chronic health conditions. Functional medicine, therefore, encourages the goal of optimal wellness.

How Do Functional Medicines Work?

When I work with patients, my goal is to determine the root causes of their disease or health condition. By simply treating symptoms, medical providers often lose sight of the complexities of health issues. Looking beyond symptoms allows for treating the overall health of an individual in a natural manner.

For example, certain health conditions may stem from numerous biochemical causes or sources. These conditions may be influenced by lifestyle behaviors and choices, as well. In turn, a single medical and/or lifestyle factor can result in different symptoms and conditions. With functional medicine, a patient’s treatment plan is designed to target what is specific to the individual in terms of causes and resulting conditions.

You may be wondering, “where can I find functional medicine near me?” I practice functional medicine as part of my holistic approach to treating patients with various health conditions.

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