Family Wellness Plan

Family Wellness Plan in Lafayette, CO

Do you want to get your family started on a path that will build a lifetime of health?

Join Reddy Natural Medicine’s Family Wellness Plan!

Experts agree that healthy lifestyle changes are easier to implement if done with a loved one and family. Our Family Wellness Plan has been created to provide you with all the opportunities to keep your family healthy and strong.

Here’s a sampling of results that my patients have experienced with the Family Wellness Plan:

  • Fewer days spent calling out of work or juggling childcare coverage to care for sick kids.
  • Increased energy and zest for life – imagine being able to keep up with the kids or grandkids!
  • A deep and handy toolbox of home remedies for first aid treatment of scrapes, bruises, sprains, headaches, colds, flu, and more.
  • Improved focus, alertness, and performance at work, school, athletics and beyond.
  • Restful sleep and refreshed mornings, instead of requiring pots of coffee to jump-start the family’s day.
  • Cultivation of a family culture around health and wellness – and a 101 education on naturopathic medicine that will last a lifetime.

“For me, more than vacations, dining out, or the latest gadgets, my family’s health is my number one priority. Before my kids started seeing Dr. Reddy, they caught every bug that came around. Now that we’re investing regular time in prevention with the Family Wellness Program, they are much healthier and resilient. Having a relationship with Dr. Reddy as an integrated part of our lives is helping us be a lot more conscious about how we’re treating our bodies and we’ve learned so much!” – AB

Here’s what’s included:

  • Twelve 45-minute office visits that can be used by any eligible family member (anyone who is already an established patient is eligible) per year with Dr. Reddy (Value $1620)
  • $75 off a New Patient appointment for any immediate family member in order to have them established as a patient with Reddy Natural Medicine. They are then eligible to use the Family Wellness Package.
  • 10% off all supplements for the year. (Value $200+)
  • 25% off Reconnective Healing sessions with Dr. Reddy during the year. (Value $37.50 per session)
  • Twelve Visceral Manipulation sessions that can be used by any family member. (Value $120 per session. Total Value $1440)
  • Twelve 30-minute Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) sessions that can be used by any family member. (Value $35 per session. Total value $420)
  • Unlimited email and phone access to Dr. Reddy (Value $500)
  • If more than 12 office visits are needed through the year, your family will receive 45-minute visits for $120. (Value $15 savings per visit)

Total value = over $4180

Family Wellness Plan Investment = $2500 (A $1680 Savings!)

(A payment plan is available. Call for details.)

“It’s so nice that my husband and kids see Dr. Reddy too. All of us being on the same page with regard to our health is so important to me and has been really helpful. I highly recommend signing up.” -PR​

“Having our whole family work with Dr. Matt has been a great experience for all of us. We continue to be impressed with how effective natural approaches can be in treating our various issues. It feels good to know that we’re working together to stay healthy and prevent problems from arising in the future. We have more energy to do things together and we’ve even learned how fun it can be to cook together as a family.” -MC

We’re committed to providing the best holistic healthcare for your whole family.

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