Darkfield Microscopy Observation

Often, patients come to me explaining “I’ve had all kinds of tests, but my doctors couldn’t find anything.” Well, the tests given by most Western doctors usually don’t tell the whole story. That’s where Functional Leukocyte Observation (FLO) comes in. Leukocytes are white blood cells, which are an important part of your immune system. FLO allows me to see how well yours are working and whether they are “finding” and clearing out the parasites, fungus, or bacteria that may be causing your symptoms. I have many patients who have been to every practitioner under the sun but who still have not been able to resolve their symptoms. FLO often provides an “aha!” moment for them and for me, as we’re able to finally identify an intruder in the blood that’s causing all of this ruckus.

In this observation, I take a drop of blood from the tip of your finger, place it on a special microscope, and observe it. The microscope is heated to body temperature which keeps the blood active and alive. Since the blood is alive and at body temperature, I am able to observe the function of the leukocytes. Properly functioning leukocytes swim around the sample. That’s how FLO differs from the blood tests that most Western doctors give: they’re looking at “dead blood”, so they can’t see how the leukocytes are working. In addition to the aforementioned fungus, parasites and bacteria, FLO also enables me to see patterns of certain nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, and signs of infections. These can all be culprits that are causing your symptoms. Remember that FLO is not a diagnostic test and I don’t claim that it is. It’s a tool to use to identify patterns and possible contributing factors to your symptoms.

While I’m observing your blood, I record a few minutes of it, then share it with you during the appointment. I explain what I’m seeing and how my observations are leading me to make particular recommendations for you.

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