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Owning your own PEMF device is the most effective way of seeing the incredible benefits of PEMF therapy. When used daily, over a period of time, these mats have been shown to have amazing healing effects for many health conditions. Patients witih chronic fatigue, chronic pain, digestive distress, insomnia, and many more conditions report dramatic and often life changing results. A wonderful resource for testimonials, research and simply to learn more is found at pemf.com.

These powerful therapeutic devices are available for purchase directly from Dr. Reddy by following the steps to the right. Please keep in mind that Swiss Bionic Solutions does not sell their products online so please DO NOT attempt to order a system online. Instead, contact Dr. Reddy and he will make sure you are well taken care of and have all your questions answered. Dr. Reddy works closely with a team of the most experienced and well-trained individuals in the country. His team is dedicated to unparalleled customer service, the best education, and the most enjoyable experience possible. You will receive the best. Hands down.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and show you how PEMFs can enhance your health and all the areas of your life. Financing is available so don’t let another moment pass without this wonderful device. Call or email today!

Products Available

  • iMRS Wellfit – $3775.00
  • iMRS Complete – $4565.00*
  • iMRS Professional – $5545.00
  • Omnium Basic set – $3345.00
  • Omnium Complete set – $3845.00
  • Omnium Basic combo – $3845.00
  • Omnium Complete combo – $4345.00

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