What does PEMF therapy do?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a treatment that applies specific frequencies of electromagnetic fields to the body. Each cell of our body, all living organisms on the planet, and even the Earth itself have measurable electromagnetic fields. In our modern way of living, we are exposed to all kinds of EMFs that are not resonant with our natural cellular frequencies. These include Wi-Fi, cell phones, and electrical devices By applying PEMFs that are in resonance with our own cellular frequencies, we can improve the function of those cells. In other words, we can keep our cells vibrating in their correct frequencies.

Do PEMF devices really work?

Yes! They work extremely well. There are many applications and benefits. PEMF therapy works best with consistent application.

Is PEMF better than tens?

They are both devices that apply electrical frequencies but TENS units are specifically designed for pain relief. PEMF devices can help with pain but not in the same way that a TENS unit does.

Does PEMF reduce inflammation?

Yes, PEMF therapy can help a lot with inflammation by supporting the immune system and improving circulation.

How long do the benefits of PEMF last?

Using PEMF therapy consistently is recommended. A single session typically keeps the cells resonating for around 8 hours.

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