Dr. Matthew T. Reddy - Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Matthew T. Reddy

Naturopathic Doctor

Hello and welcome!

You’re likely here because you are looking for alternatives to our current medical system. Maybe you’re struggling to resolve a chronic health issue. Or perhaps you’re looking for more energy, vitality, and balance in your life. If you’re like most of my patients, you are looking for more than medical care that simply treats your symptoms. You’re tired of 6-minute office visits where you barely make eye contact with your doctor and leave with a prescription for yet another drug. You want someone to find the cause of those symptoms and guide you in a way that will resolve them.

Through 20 years in practice, I’ve realized that a lot of people are falling through the cracks in our current healthcare system; unfortunately even in some holistic medical settings too. They have chronic, often unexplainable health concerns. They’ve been from doctor to doctor without finding any resolution to their problems and by the time they land at my office, they are frustrated, hopeless, and often resigned to a life of pain. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. I can help.

I have been providing natural family healthcare in the Denver metro area, and in Boulder County since 2002. Patients of all ages, from a 10-year-old with a skin rash to a 90-year-old with fatigue, trust me with providing quality Naturopathic medicine for their healthcare needs. I work with all sorts of health concerns and I specialize in digestive issues (gas, bloating, candida, diarrhea, etc.), liver and gallbladder disease, heart disease, hormone imbalances, and immune system issues.

Clinical Consulting

In addition to seeing patients at Reddy Natural Medicine, I am a clinical consultant for Quicksilver Scientific, a lab and supplement company located in Louisville Colorado. In my capacity as a consultant, I have the privilege to speak with doctors from around the world about Quicksilver Scientific’s mercury and heavy metal tests as well as the high-quality products they make right here in Colorado. I work closely with Quicksilver’s founder and CEO, Dr. Chris Shade, in the education of physicians and in the development of life changing products that are fast acting, high absorbing and extremely effective. In 2021, to better support my patients and Quicksilver Scientific, I moved my practice into Quicksilver’s facility.

My Education

My Naturopathic medical education was done in Portland, Oregon at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) where I graduated in 2002. Prior to my time at NUNM, I attended the University of Colorado, Denver where I received a degree in Biology. I am registered in Colorado as a Naturopathic doctor and have advanced training in Quicksilver Scientific detoxification protocols, Mercury and Heavy Metal detoxification, Reconnective Healing, Iridology, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, and Clinical Thermography.

My Philosophy

I believe that ALL healing comes from within and that our natural state is balance and health. As a Naturopathic Doctor, the focus of my treatments is to help your body heal itself because it already knows what it needs to do. By using Naturopathic medicine we support the processes of healing and help to eliminate any obstacles that may be in the way.

Naturopathic Assessments/Testing

  • Computerized Iridology
  • Functional Leukocyte Observation
  • Hormone testing
  • Advanced Lipid/Cholesterol testing
  • Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (CIMT) Ultrasound
  • Standard blood tests
  • Athlete performance testing
  • Nutrient level testing
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • SIBO testing
  • Celiac disease screening
  • Heavy metal testing

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