What Is Reconnective Healing? How Is It Beneficial?

What Is Reconnective Healing? How Is It Beneficial?

Aug 01, 2022

Reconnective Healing® (RH) is a form of healing that uses frequencies of energy, light, and information to foster natural healing in your body, promoting overall wellness. This type of healing focuses on healing the body, spirit, and mind.

How Does Reconnective Healing Work?

Reconnective healing in Louisville, CO, should be facilitated by a practitioner like Dr. Matthew T. Reddy at Reddy Natural Medicine. His role is to catalyze and initiate the frequency energies in your body for change to occur.

Practitioners in RH believe that acupuncture lines, also known as meridian lines in your body, were once connected to the grid lines of the universe but lost over time. The reconnection of your lines to those of the universe is where the concept of reconnective healing emerges.

What are the Benefits of Reconnective Healing?

The most crucial benefit of reconnective healing is that it promotes the body’s natural healing. You may need some functional medicine in Louisville to support your healing process. However, you will not have to endure invasive treatment protocols to get better. Besides, a naturopathic doctor near you will tell you that RH is a great solution to explore if you have tried modern medicine and have not had a breakthrough. Some of the other benefits of RH for your body are:

  1. Restoring balance, harmony, and wholeness to your entire body – the treatment will not only address your health problem. Instead, it will promote general wellness for your whole body.
  2. It improves the quality of life where you do not need to rely on modern medicine to get better.
  3. Connecting you to your higher self as you connect to the universe.
  4. The healing is usually permanent – many Iridologists near you receive testimonials of absolute healing after RH sessions.
  5. The treatment is hands-off – you will not have to worry about removing your clothes or feeling uncomfortable around your physician.
  6. It can be a virtual treatment – since the experience is hands-off, you do not always have to physically visit an iridologist near you. It is especially the case for the second and subsequent sessions after your practitioner transfers the RH frequencies to you in the initial session.
  7. Takes a holistic approach to healing – the treatment can resolve health problems regarding your physical, mental, or emotional health.

What Conditions Can You Treat with Reconnective Healing?

A naturopathic doctor in Colorado can connect you to your higher self so you find wellness for an array of health problems, including the following:

  1. Stress, anxiety, and depression
  2. Chronic pain – the most common is chronic back pain
  3. Recovering from pain and muscle tension after surgery
  4. Chronic fatigue
  5. Addictions
  6. Trauma
  7. Sports-related injuries
  8. Developmental birth defects
  9. Cancer and malignant tumors
  10. Rheumatoid arthritis
  11. Cerebral palsy
  12. Multiple sclerosis

What Can You Expect from Reconnective Healing?

You can prepare well when you know what to expect from your RH treatment session. Some of the things to anticipate during your treatment are:

  1. Short sessions typically last about 30 minutes.
  2. A high level of relaxation as you lie on a massage chair.
  3. Physical sensations and experiences – people have different experiences during reconnective healing sessions. However, several people report feeling vibrations, hearing sounds, seeing lights and colors, or sensing scents and flavors.
  4. Multiple sessions – after the first session, you may not notice any tremendous changes in your body’s wellness. It takes many patients about three sessions to notice improvements in their health. However, some may need a couple of days to acknowledge the positive effects of the treatment.
  5. The reconnective healing frequencies will typically keep working long after the session ends. Once the practitioner introduces the energies in your body, you do not lose them after the session.

Is Reconnective Healing Safe?

If you are going to try a new modality that can impact your health, learn beforehand about its safety levels. Reconnective healing is a safe non-invasive treatment protocol that will promote wellness without direct physical contact with your practitioner. The treatment does not typically involve any medication or injections that may introduce foreign material into your body.

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