What is Detox Program?

What is Detox Program?

Apr 01, 2020

A detox program gives directions on how to halt the spread of toxins existing in your mouth from ruining your health. A lot of people use products that help cleanse their bodies and revitalize their health. It’s possible to do that for your teeth and mouth too.

Should heavy metals be an issue of concern?

It’s estimated that there are 232 chemicals found in the umbilical cord blood! This means that we have been exposed to chemicals since the first day in the womb. We continue to be exposed to more compounds daily, including pesticides, inhalation of pollutants, hygiene products applied on the skin and also dental cleaning products

All these toxins gradually intoxicate our bodies. The most damaging ones are heavy metals, among which include mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium.

With daily exposure, they accumulate in the body’s tissues causing various symptoms. The onset of symptoms is slow, so it’s crucial to enroll in a detox program near you before they become severe.

Some heavy metal toxins and their sources

  • Mercury – Fish, Cosmetics, Pesticides, Paint
  • Lead – Dyes, Cigarette smoke, Insecticides, Gasoline
  • Arsenic – Poisoned water, Pesticides, Leafy vegetables, Wine
  • Cadmium – Cigarettes, Gasoline, Metal Pipes, Coffee
  • Chromium – Stainless steel, Volcanic eruptions, chrome pigment, general food

The Detox program in Lafayette is an effective program for heavy metals. It can be done from home. The program tests specific metal levels in your body then creates a concentration gradient fashioned to extract heavy metals engorged deep into the brain and body tissues.

Heavy metal toxicity brings about the following signs

Chronic headaches, lack of energy, brain fog, confusion, degenerative and inflammatory diseases, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia, weak and painful muscles.

You can also experience weight gain/unable to lose weight, joint pains, digestive issues such as constipation and nausea, low libido and infertility, chemical sensitivity, Adrenal fatigue, thyroid conditions, Auto-immune diseases.

The prolonged exhibition of these signs might suggest that your body is experiencing severe intoxication. Contact Reddy Natural Medicine for consultation and enroll for a detox program near you.

After undertaking a detox program in Lafayette, our naturopathic doctor in Colorado highlights the following results:

  • You end up with more energy for exercising
  • Weight loss
  • You perceive a clearer thinking
  • Your mood is better stabilized
  • Elevated fertility and libido
  • You have better sleep
  • Your digestion improves
  • Your hormonal body function improves

What’s the leading cause of dental intoxication?

Amalgam fillings – You might not be aware of it, but amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury. Mercury is harmful and toxic to the body tissues if consumed in large doses. You should be imperative to ensure proper safety measures when having these fillings removed to prevent even more seepage.

  • Put into consideration the following factors before having your amalgam fillings removed.
  • Does your dentist have the proper training required for the procedure?
  • Ask the dentistry office about precautionary measures they plan to employ through the removal
  • Enquire about the type of materials to be used to fill your tooth, for inlays and crowns, and the type of anesthetic.
  • Find out if the price range is within what your dental insurance can cover.

Don’t hesitate to talk with our neuropathic doctor in Colorado about these issues.

Natural mouth and tooth detox methods

  • Oil Pulling – To keep toxins away from your mouth, swish a tablespoon of your preferred oil in the mouth for 10 – 20 minutes. Coconut oil is the best for this procedure. It freshens up your mouth and leaves the teeth whiter.
  • Non-toxic toothpaste – If you want to detox, take a break off toothpaste brands with multiple chemical compounds. Go for those that use natural ingredients such as eucalyptus, neem, and peppermint. This enables healthy bacteria to thrive inside your mouth while reducing the chemical inputs.
  • Incorporate green tea – Green tea stands as the fittest beverage with numerous benefits such as burning fat, reducing cancer risks, increasing brain activity, and reducing the occurrence of gum diseases and flu infections. Taking it with every meal can significantly help in your detox program
  • Tongue scrapping – Tongue scrapping not only removes toxins and harmful bacteria but also plummets bad breath. Buy a tongue scraper and scrap from the back to front of your tongue. It gets rid of bacteria, toxins and food leftovers stuck on the tongue.

If you are unable to keep up with a professional detox program, then doing it from the ease of your home is equally effective. Just take up more green tea and use natural oils to clean your teeth. You can also consider purchasing all-natural hygiene dental products to diminish the toxins.

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