Warming Sock Treatment Explained!

Warming Sock Treatment Explained!

Nov 28, 2014

Here’s a great Naturopathic hydrotherapy treatment for colds, the flu, insomnia, and many other health concerns. It’s purpose is to move blood through body, to stimulate the body’s healing abilities, to raise body temperature. It’s easy, inexpensive, and best of all…IT WORKS!!

When should you use the “warming socks”?

  • Use anytime when you feel like you are “coming down with something”,
  • Use for any congestion in the head, ears, eyes, sinus, throat, or lungs
  • Use for headaches
  • Use for immune system stimulation,
  • Use for help sleeping,
  • Use for sprained or strained ankles,
  • Use for lower leg injuries

What do I need?

  • One pair 100% wool socks
  • One pair cotton socks
  • Water

How do I do it?

  • Warm feet in hot/warm water for 5 minutes. This can be done by soaking them or by taking a shower or bath.
  • Run cotton socks under cold water and wring out extra water thoroughly
  • Put cotton socks on feet and cover with dry wool socks.
  • Go to bed and avoid getting chilled.

This procedure works best if it is repeated for as many nights as necessary to improve the condition. Children love it too.

In the morning you will find that the wet cotton socks have dried overnight. Give it a try. You will like it! Visit Dr. Reddy’s Clinic to know more!

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