The # 1 Most Effective Way To Detox: And Why It’s Crucial To Your Health

The # 1 Most Effective Way To Detox: And Why It’s Crucial To Your Health

Jun 20, 2016

My grandfather hated to paint walls. He felt the whole process was too labor intensive and boring. So when he designed and built his house, he created it with only a few walls that needed to be painted. The rest were exposed brick and the ever-popular wood paneling. (Now don’t hold the wood paneling against him. It was the late 1960’s and wood paneling was the craze). And it suited him perfectly.

Recently I was thinking about his dislike for painting walls. Underneath this odd quirk lies some wisdom. My grandfather knew that painting a room is not something to take lightly. It’s work. And as I pondered this in the context of detox, I realized that properly detoxifying the body to restore health is very similar to painting a room.How long the new paint lasts and how it looks on the wall is a direct result of room preparation before painting begins.If the walls are not cleaned, old paint not scraped off, edges not taped, and walls not primed, the new paint will not last.It may look nice at first, but as time goes on the same old dreary look will return, paint will chip, and you will wonder if you even painted at all.Conversely, if the walls are cleaned, scraped, taped, and primed, the room will look magnificent for many years.

This analogy holds true with health as well. Treating only the symptoms is like painting over unprepared walls. It offers results for a brief time, but the results don’t last. Symptoms will keep returning and more and more “paint” (drugs/supplements) will have to be applied to deal with them. The more time spent preparing the body and cleaning out the cause of an illness, the more likely the results will last. Detoxifying the body this way will ensure that symptoms will disappear and not return.

All cells produce metabolic waste that must be eliminated from the body. In addition to cellular waste, we must deal with a world that is polluted and becoming more polluted everyday. Our world is so polluted it no longer is a question of if our bodies have toxins in them. The question now is how many toxins are present? These toxins are in food (pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs, etc), in water (pesticides, herbicides, hormones, etc), and in the air (carbon monoxide, inhalants, solvents, etc). They all must be processed and eliminated. Fortunately, our bodies have amazing systems of detoxification designed to process these toxins and excrete them from the body.

The major way our body eliminates toxins is through the bile. It seems to be the foundation from which health can be restored. My patients know that we use four main supplements to enhance the production of bile: Taurine, Lecithin, Cod Liver Oil, and plant sterols, which are virtually impossible to obtain from our diets alone. For a more detailed look at these supplements click here. In our analogy of painting a room, enhancing bile flow is the prep work needed to ensure the painted wall lasts.

So what happens when we start preparing the walls for paint? Anyone who has ever done this knows that you often create quite a mess. The room is in disarray, plastic is everywhere, and dust and paint chips litter the floor. You’ve basically stirred things up and disrupted the status quo. If we quit as soon as we create this mess, the walls never get painted.

Like this disrupted room, our body’s status quo is also shaken as we start to improve the bile flow and detox. Often uncomfortable symptoms like headaches, nausea, and diarrhea arise. We may think that something is wrong, that the supplements are making us sick, or that we want to quit. While these responses are understandable, it is vital to understand what is actually happening. Your body is waking up and you are in the process of creating lasting results.

Everyone reacts uniquely to the process of healing. As I’ve explained before, healing is not a quick or linear process. Just like painting a room, it requires work. However, by enhancing bile flow, we prepare the body for “paint.” Our symptoms improve, the body heals, and the end result is a newly “painted room” that lasts.

Or you could just go with wood paneling. Visit Dr. Reddy’s Clinic to know more.

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