Support Your Health with Hemp Oil.

Support Your Health with Hemp Oil.

Nov 02, 2017

In my quest to provide the best natural medical care possible for my patients, I am constantly researching and evaluating therapies and products. I’m excited to announce that Reddy Natural Medicine will now be offering Hemp Oil as part of our therapeutic plans. The product that we carry is created by an extremely well known (and local to Lafayette) researcher and biochemist, Dr. Chris Shade. Dr. Shade and I share very similar approaches to supporting the body and when I found out that he created this product, I wanted to know more. In short, I’m very impressed by Dr. Shade’s process and product. No other hemp oil on the market can compare.

If you’re not familiar with hemp oil you’re not alone. Government and pharmaceutical interests prevent it from being researched like it should be. Hemp has also been incorrectly lumped in with its close relative marijuana. While both hemp and marijuana are from the same family, they are very different in their uses and composition. Hemp is not the same things as marijuana.

Here are a couple of common questions:

What is hemp oil used for?

Hemp oil contains cannabinoids which are fatty molecules that research shows support our cellular membranes, affect our nervous system, and can help balance hormones. Our body actually makes its own cannabinoids on a daily basis and so adding in hemp oil can really support any deficiencies. People use hemp oil for many different health conditions including stress, anxiety, mood issues, chronic pain, fatigue and memory decline.

Will I get high from hemp oil?

No. Hemp oil contains only a fraction of the amount of the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC that is contained in marijuana. In order to be considered hemp oil, it must have under 0.3% THC. Our hemp oil has even less at 0.02% so there is no way that you will get high.

As I’m sure you know, there is a never-ending barrage of information and slick advertising about the latest and greatest health supplement or therapy. It’s hard enough for a trained professional like me to sift through it all much less the general public. How do you know who to trust and what’s a good product? Let me be your guide. I have high standards for what products I use and recommend. Most things I look at fail to meet those standards which is why, when something comes along that does, I want to share it with you. This product is one of them and I’m excited for you to try it.

Want more info? Ready to try if for yourself?

We’ve got plenty in stock so come by and pick some up today!

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