Remembering the Connection

Remembering the Connection

Nov 23, 2007

(This was written about a year and a half ago. A lot has changed in my life since then, but when I read it again recently, I really wanted to share it. On this day where we set aside time to give thanks, there is nothing more important than the Oneness that we all share. Thank you all for being in my life.)

You are all amazing. As I ponder the sheer elegance of life, I want to extend my Gratitude to each and every one of you for the remarkable beings that you are. You see I’ve lost my Connection with many of you. We really aren’t disconnected, but my perception is that I am separate from you all; a being alone in this world trying to learn through my struggles. What I fail to remember is that we are all Connected. Recently though I am starting to remember.

It is easy to miss the Connection as we all hustle unconsciously through our days. We rush to work, put in our time, collect our pay, and rush home. We neglect the food that nourishes us, fail to exercise, forget our families and friends, and then wonder why we feel so tired, sick, and depressed. Maybe we’ve hurt those we care about or felt hurt by others. We feel alone, scared, and wonder how we could be this way. Fortunately this can be remedied. The remedy is to remember our Connection.

So what Connects us all? We are all Connected to Source. You are from Source and therefore you are Source. Each of us is from the same Source. There are many words we use to describe this Connection. Some use God, Source, Universe, Allah, etc. I’m not here to talk about religion though. This is much more than religion. It is more than a building, more than centuries of dogma, and more than any book can teach. This is about a consciousness and peace that goes beyond understanding. This is about Faith in what you cannot see and about Belief in the perfection of each of us.

I have learned a lot recently from Dr. Wayne Dyer. Many of you may have seen him on PBS and if you do, I strongly encourage you to stop flipping channels and listen to what he has to say. He is a powerful speaker and storyteller. Here is one story that I’d like to pass along to you as an illustration of our connection to something greater than us. Our Source if you will.

Visualize a large field in the country. It’s maybe 2 acres and is bordered by cottonwood trees on one edge and a stream on the other. It is a Beautiful and Tranquil place. Now visualize the field covered in all sorts of junk. In this field lie pieces of metal, hunks of rubber, and pieces of broken glass. Now imagine a huge wind comes up and picks up this junk. It spins and twists the pieces of glass, rubber, metal, etc higher and higher until suddenly it stops and all the pieces fall toward the earth. But instead of landing in random fashion all over the field, the pieces fall perfectly into the form of a Boeing 747 airplane. Each piece landing exactly in the correct spot, forming this marvelous machine. What are the odds of this happening? Would anyone take the bet that this could happen randomly?

Now consider the human heart. Your heart beats about 100,000 times in one day and about 35 million times in a year. During an average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 2.5 billion times. Each beat is a complex event of electrical current flow, movement of Potassium and Sodium ions, muscle fibers contracting and relaxing, etc. And it beats without you thinking about it. So what are the odds that your amazing heart happened by some random event or accident? Better or worse than the 747 odds? What about your eyes? Or your brain? Or each cell of each organ of your body? These are all a million times more complex than a 747. And you are here. Your heart is beating and you are reading this story. Amazing!

An important word here is Gratitude. I know that when we are Grateful, we are connected to our Source, to God, to Universe. So start to be aware of your state of Gratefulness. It is a great barometer for how connected to God you are at that moment. Be Grateful for the sunshine. Be Grateful for the money that flows into your life, no matter how little or how much. Be Grateful for the heart that beats in your chest, that never tires and never complains. Be Grateful for those close to you. Being Grateful is a vibration that will attract what you desire into your life and you will be amazed at how your life will flow

The same can be said about achieving health and wellness. The order of the Universe is wellness. While it may be hard to feel Connected and to be Grateful when we are ill and suffering, just reaching for a better feeling thought will slowly improve our health. In the place of illness the desire to be well is very strong. This powerful desire will manifest as we turn our focus from a “why is this happening to me” mentality, to a realization that we are powerful creators, Grateful for the each opportunity in our lives. It doesn’t happen instantly, but by enjoying the journey and making peace with where we are, we will eventually get where we want to go. Visit Us.

So thank you all. Thank you for your support. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your friendship. On a personal note I’d like to add some personal statements of Gratitude

Remember your Connection to Source. Turn your attention to what makes you happy. Remember what you’ve always known: that you are joyful creators, that life is a journey to no place in particular and that all paths lead to the same place anyway. Always seek the best in everything and everyone. Take time to breathe, eat, meditate, and smile. Remember that Life is good. I bless you all and Be well.

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