Powerful Testimonial on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Powerful Testimonial on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Jun 03, 2014

I see the remarkable benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy everyday in my practice. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a powerful testimonial shared by Carolyn.

“WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! Life is amazing!

I feel like I have been let out of prison and the “world is now my oyster”!! I have been freed from the world of pain 24/7 from fibromyalgia and from chronic fatigue after 15 years of suffering from both. I wake up and when I get out of bed I get the biggest grin on my face because I have no pain, whereas before as I touched the floor, I would grimace and reach for the Aleve and take a double-dose, proceeding through my day “pushing” through the day with extreme effort and having to “rest” much of my day. Many times I would schedule things and have to cancel because I felt so bad, and it was embarrassing because I felt like I could never be counted on.

Throughout those 15 years I have tried endless modalities of supposed remedies with little or no relief, UNTIL, by the Grace of God, my friend Maudie casually mentioned how her niece had been relieved of years of pain of neuropathy in her feet and was so excited that she could finally ride horses again without pain. I learned it was through PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic therapy). I researched it on line and ordered the highest rated product, IMRS2000. Laying on the pad for the overall body, using the pillow for a more specific area which I used for chronic back pain, and the probe for my knee, I had such dramatic results, I was SHOCKED. Within 5 days my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue were about 90% better. Still a bit of a skeptic, since I had tried so many things that did not work, I continued to use it, thinking well maybe this will last. Well, it has now been 5 weeks and I feel GREAT!! I had a knee replacement two years ago and my other knee had started bothering me in the same way the knee that I had to have replaced did. I used the probe consistently and now the knee is so, so improved that it is pain free, only a little tender. I have had chronic back pain most of my life and it has really improved! My physical therapist, who had been treating me for my back pain weekly, was so excited for me. He said the knotty, ropey muscles had smoothed out and my flexibility had improved dramatically. I also have tons more energy and sleep so much better!

So that’s my story – I constantly have a smile on my face and it is still a novelty to feel so good!! I hope it never becomes commonplace and I forget the agony of living in a pain-filled world!

I am 65 years old, retired and had no intentions of working again, but I now feel “called” to introduce anyone who lives with chronic pain to this amazing product and the ability to become pain free. My name is Carolyn Urban and I may be reached at 830-995-3901.

Always smiling, Carolyn”

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