Know Everything About Reconnective Healing

Know Everything About Reconnective Healing

Jan 03, 2022

Reconnective healing in Lafayette, CO, focuses on holistically putting your body, mind, and spirit in balance. The treatment is non-contact, and it can heal many chronic conditions.


This article discusses everything you need to know about Reconnective healing at Reddy Natural Medicine, including how it works and the conditions it treats.


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What is Reconnective Healing?


Reconnective healing is a hands-free therapy that allows a practitioner to reconnect and heal a person at every level of their being. The treatment heals the mind, body, and spirit using new frequencies. At the beginning of a healing session, the practitioner will initiate energies that will continue working even after the session ends.


What Are The Reconnective Healing Frequencies?


Reconnective healing in Lafayette, CO, uses energy, light, and information frequencies to heal and restore the body to a state of balance. Furthermore, reconnective healing works at a much higher frequency, and it is directed to a person’s electromagnetic field to cause changes at a molecular level.


How Do The Frequencies Work?


Higher vibrational frequencies are closer to light’s frequency. Therefore, shifting human energy fields towards a higher frequency can heal. Human thoughts, experiences, and emotions affect and change their energy frequencies. An often-repeated thought pattern becomes a thoughtform in one’s energy field, holding its vibrational frequency. Thoughtforms rooted in rejection, fear, and physical imbalances have a lower frequency, while thoughtform rooted in love and acceptance have a higher frequency. 


Other lower frequency thoughtforms include doubt, confusion, judgments of oneself, anger, fear of lack, loss, failure, insecurity, jealousy, envy, and disharmony. In comparison, higher frequency thoughtforms include clarity of oneself and others, understanding, kindness, joy, love, standing in your power/integrity, compassion, empathy, and harmony.


Everyone has a unique vibration that is a result of individual experiences. Reconnective healing raises the frequency of a lower energy level thoughtform. Therefore, higher frequencies replace lower frequencies to heal a person. For instance, hate transforms into love, conflict into harmony, and fear into courage.


What Happens During A Reconnective Healing Session?


A Reconnective healing session at Reddy Natural Medicine typically takes about 30 minutes. You have to relax on a massage table during the session and let go. The treatment is hands-off while a patient is fully clothed. However, the patient should wear comfortable clothing and avoid wearing perfume during the session.


The experience during a Reconnective healing session is different for everyone. Some people see colors, light, sense flavors and scents, hear sounds and feel vibrations. After the session, many people report a peaceful and relaxing feeling.


However, some people may not see immediate results. Nevertheless, a patient should experience results in three sessions. Fortunately, since the healing is a non-contact therapy, you can get treated online instead of face to face. Also, it is important to note that once a practitioner transfers the Reconnective healing frequencies to you at an initial session, they do not require reintroducing. Rather, they work ceaselessly on your healing, giving you a lasting change.


What Are The Benefits Of Reconnective Healing?


Reconnective healing offers several benefits, including creating an integrated life and addressing chronic conditions that affect the body, mind, and spirit. Furthermore, Reconnective healing works holistically to connect the body to a higher self. Therefore, it restores harmony, balance, and wholeness. Apart from the balance it brings, Reconnective healing near you is ideal for healing numerous conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, addiction, and cancer and malignant tumors. Also, Reconnective healing is suitable for treating sports-related injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, congenital developmental disabilities, rheumatoid arthritis, and trauma.




Reconnective healing near you is a non-contact healing method that uses Reconnective healing frequencies to heal the body. The results are immediate and give you a lasting change.

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