Know Everything about Quicksilver Scientific Consultations?

Know Everything about Quicksilver Scientific Consultations?

Apr 01, 2023

Our bodies are naturally designed to eliminate toxins and other unwanted elements. However, in today’s world, where cities are full of fumes and foods are laced with industrial chemicals, that process quickly becomes difficult and complicated. The presence of heavy metals in the water further worsens this. Fortunately, new methods have come up to help tackle these problems, and one of the best ways to deal with them is by visiting a naturopathic doctor near you.

These issues also prompted Dr Christopher Shade to devise a different solution by setting up the Quicksilver Scientific laboratory. The company tests your blood for various impurities and toxins, such as heavy metals and other nutrient-metal imbalances.

In addition, the company focuses on creating products that help detoxify our bodies. However, even as you go for metal testing from them, you need an expert to help you break down the results and explain what they mean. Thankfully, if you reside in Colorado, you can look for Quicksilver Scientific Consultations in Louisville, CO, offered by Dr Matthew T. Reddy.

But before we get to the finer details, it’s important to learn more about what Quicksilver is and how it can be useful for your health.

What is QuickSilver Used For?

Christopher Shade’s Quicksilver Scientific testing relies on supplements that contain Quicksilver. The supplements are ingested orally, and then the lipid nanoparticles are delivered into the bloodstream directly.

These liposomes easily pass across the mucosa membrane to enter the bloodstream, thus ensuring optimal bioavailability. This is the edge that Quicksilver products have over competitors who use large liposomes that are difficult for the body to absorb.

Once they are in your body, the Quicksilver lowers your mercury levels and other forms of toxicity. However, some of these products need to be prescribed by a practitioner, so you need to consult your naturopathic doctor in Colorado.

What Are The Phases Of Detoxification?

The owner of Quicksilver Scientific first considered the detoxification system before founding the company. This was to ensure that the products made from Quicksilver would effectively remove toxins from our bodies.

Detoxification happens naturally, but over time, the toxins can overwhelm our organs depending on where we live, what we eat and having dental appliances like silver amalgam fillings. So, when these toxins accumulate, it becomes hard for your body to remove them efficiently.

For efficient detoxification to occur, three phases have to be passed. The first phase is where the toxic substances are turned into less harmful products that will be easier to excrete. This phase occurs in the liver.

The second phase is where conjugation happens. The less harmful substance in phase one is made soluble, making it easy to excrete through the intestines and kidneys. Processes like sulfation, glutathionylation and acetylation happen here.

Lastly, there is the third phase, where fewer toxins are moved from the cells into the gut. Blood protein ensures the movement of these unwanted substances from the cells into the detoxification organs.

So, why should you detoxify your body?

  • Boosted immunity – After detoxifying your body through Quicksilver products, you’ll rid your body of toxic substances, leaving it with more energy to fight viruses and bacteria.
  • Weight loss – You might struggle with excess weight even after trying different weight loss programs. Thankfully, an iridologist near you can recommend various ways to detoxify your body and improve how well it breaks down excess fat.

Blood Metals Panel Consultations in Louisville, CO

If you suspect that your body has high levels of metal concentration, then it’s time to get a blood metal panel test. You can visit Reddy Natural Medicine, a naturopath clinic near you, to learn more about how these tests are conducted.

In addition, Dr Matthew will help interpret the results and explain their meaning. Moreover, if you show signs of high metal concentration, he can help you find the right supplements and other holistic ways to deal with the problem.

So don’t let toxins accumulate in your body any more when you can get help in your location. Visit our clinic today to get help from our naturopathic doctor in Louisville, CO.

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