It’s All Possible

It’s All Possible

Mar 04, 2015

What would you do if failure wasn’t an option? Would you write a book? Climb Mount Everest? Play drums in a rock band? Or maybe you would take an art class, or start a new business, or call that special person you’ve had your eye on. Remember, failure is not possible so let your mind go. Dream big and take chances. Now breathe. Can you feel it? Can you feel excitement deep inside as you ponder making your dream a reality? Now imagine having that excitement everyday. Imagine the awe and the gratefulness that will pour from you as everything falls into place. Imagine the possibilities.

When was the last time you let yourself dream? I remember as a kid I would be Luke Skywalker, a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, and a master carpenter building a mansion, all in one day. When I wore my Underroos (remember Underroos?) and my cape I was Superman. When I put on my engineer cap I drove the train. It never entered my mind that I wasn’t Luke Skywalker, a football player, a carpenter, a train engineer, or Superman. I dreamed it and imagined it and it was. I was free to be whoever I wanted and whatever I wanted. And it was fun. So what happened to us?

We seem to lose the ability to dream as we get older. We are inundated with messages that say “That’s impossible,” or “How impractical,” or “Grow up.” We hear messages like, “You didn’t go to college and only college graduates can have that job” or “You’re too small to be a professional athlete”. Maybe you’re a woman who has been told “Don’t try; only men can do that.” Whatever they may be, these messages are not at all helpful. They weigh us down and keep us from all that we can be.

We can be anybody we desire and we can do anything we set our mind to. I truly believe that. All that stands in our way is our own limiting beliefs. Do you want to be healthy and strong? Do you want to achieve an optimal weight? Do you want to sing in a bluegrass band? Do you want to travel and see the world? Ask yourself if you believe you can. What comes up for you when you ask yourself this question? Is it fear? Maybe doubt in your abilities? Whatever it may be, these beliefs about yourself are powerful indicators of areas in your life where you haven’t yet realized your true potential. The good news is that these beliefs can change.

A belief is nothing more than a thought that you have held for long time. If you change your thoughts, soon your belief will change too. For example, if you desire to lose 50 pounds and have the thought that “I can never lose weight” or “I guess my metabolism is just slowing down as I get older,” you will find it very difficult to lose the weight. On the other hand if your thoughts are “I can make healthy eating decisions,” and “My body is a perfect creation that can and will find the correct weight for me,” then you will effortlessly and easily lose the weight. In the first way of thinking you believe that you cannot lose weight and in the second you believe you can. By simply changing the way you look at things, the things around you will change.

Removal of those limiting beliefs however, is not often easy. It takes more than just “positive thinking.” These beliefs are deeply rooted and it takes work to replace them. In looking to support my patients achieve their health goals and overcome their limiting beliefs, I have come across some wonderful tools. Two tools I have used quite successfully are Homeopathy and Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. Homeopathy is an energetic form of medicine using specific remedies, and EFT is a process designed to eliminate limiting beliefs. If you are interested in learning more about either technique, please let me know. I would be happy to teach you and help you explore how they could support you.

What I desire for myself and for all of you is that we never lose the dreams that we have inside. Remember the kid in the Superman cape that could leap tall buildings and fly faster than a speeding bullet? That kid is in each one of us. Somewhere, buried under years of conditioning and useless beliefs, lies an amazing, creative, and powerful genius that absolutely cannot fail. I encourage you to find that kid today and see the mystery and excitement in everything around you. Don’t settle for someone else telling you what you are capable of doing. Dream big and never stop seeking. Your dreams, whatever they may be, are an indispensable part of your journey and they are uniquely yours. They are a part of what makes you, you. And you can accomplish anything. Imagine the possibilities. Visit Dr. Reddy’s Clinic to know more.

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