Get Reconnective Healing for Mental and Body Wellbeing

Get Reconnective Healing for Mental and Body Wellbeing

Nov 08, 2021

Reconnective Healing® can be defined as a unique interaction between the energy field in your body and a spectrum of energy, light, and information. It is a natural way of regaining health by relieving stress, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, physical problems, and various chronic pains.

Reconnective healing near you goes beyond the mental, physical and emotional layers to reconnect you to the fullness of your being and who you are. The presence of energy, light, and information frequencies returns your physical, mental, emotional, and psycho-spiritual wellbeing to optimal balance, therefore, allowing rapid healing to take place.

This form of healing does not focus on your symptoms to diagnose or treat them. Instead, you only need to interact with the frequencies for instantaneous healing that lasts for a lifetime.

Who Can Benefit From Reconnective Healing?

This healing approach is recommended for:

i. People with chronic physical or mental imbalance and have tried several methods of healing but were unsuccessful.
ii. Family members who are hospitalized or in a care facility.
iii. Individuals who want to feel more integrated and want to attain higher consciousness and awareness of how to live their life.

What Happens During A Reconnective Healing Session?

You will be taught how to discover, have access to and interact with the three healing frequencies. Everything holds energy and vibrates at different rates. Our thoughts or beliefs have either a low or a high form of frequency.

Negative thoughts or beliefs such as anger, fear, insecurity, confusion, loss, and self-judgment hold a lower frequency level.

Higher frequency levels are rooted in thoughts and beliefs of love, empathy, harmony, kindness, joy, clarity of thoughts, and compassion. This is fundamental since when these frequencies entrain your body, you emit energy and vibrate at a higher light level. The light helps in restructuring your DNA and bringing greater harmony and balance within you.

A maximum of three sessions, each lasting 30-45 minutes, are scheduled approximately forty-eight hours apart. The number of sessions required for complete healing differs with individuals as people’s experiences vary.

The Reconnective Healing practitioner will perform the healing as you lie down on a massage table to ensure comfortable and well relaxed. You will require taking off your shoes and lying flat on the table.

Pillows may be used to support your head, back and knees if you have difficulties in lying flat. You only need to relax and observe your body during the hands-off healing.

Reconnection Healing Therapy

This therapy involves the frequencies of reconnective healing but is different in its application. It is a once-in-a-lifetime process that lasts for approximately an hour and requires two sessions within 72 hours.

The preparation for this therapy is similar to that of a reconnective healing session. During the session, the practitioner connects you to the timeless network of intelligence that brings you to a higher level of intuition, life direction, and true purpose.

Our naturopathic doctor in Lafayette offers personal reconnection sessions as well as reconnective healing sessions.

Preparation for a Reconnective Healing Session

  1. Have an optimal state of mind that allows you to experience the wonder of expectancy without attachment to specific expectations.
  2. Dress comfortably and avoid using strong fragrances before the session. You do not have to remove your belts, jewelry, or coins from your pockets as they do not interfere with healing.
  3. Switch off your mobile phone to avoid interruptions during the session.
  4. Avoid energy healing techniques, crystals, or toning a few days before and a week after completing the sessions. Instead, the Reconnective Healing practitioner recommends that you allow yourself more time to be in your energy.

Benefits of Reconnective Healing Therapy

  • Improved memory
  • Better sleep
  • Improved brain function
  • More energy
  • Balanced emotions
  • Removes trauma
  • Accelerated healing
  • Fast substance abuse recovery
  • Removes emotional blocks
  • Repairs damaged and reactivate dormant strands of DNA
  • Heightens your perception
  • Enhances mental processes
  • Helps creative process
  • Instills confidence, self-belief, clarity, and focus
  • Enables you to deal with stress and conflict

Schedule an appointment at Reddy Natural Medicine for treatment using natural supplements and treatments that aim for the long-term management of your condition. Dr. Matthew T. Reddy is a Foundational Reconnective Healing® practitioner. Other services include functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, family wellness plan, detox programs, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, far infrared sauna, and functional leukocyte observation.

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