Functional Medicine for Women’s Health: Addressing Hormonal Imbalances and More

Functional Medicine for Women’s Health: Addressing Hormonal Imbalances and More

Jun 01, 2023

Hormonal imbalance is one of the most common issues that women face today. It leads to moodiness, irritability and feeling exhausted all the time. If this is the case for you, looking for a medical practitioner who provides functional medicine near you is essential. This is because hormonal imbalance can lead to serious health issues like inflammation, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, among other issues. We will take you through functional medicine for women and how it helps to treat common health issues in women.

Common Health Issues for Women

  • Reproductive health issues.
  • Gynecological health.
  • Physical activity and nutrition.
  • Thyroid, adrenals and excess estrogen.
  • Breast cancer.
  • PMS, menopause and polycystic ovary syndrome.

How Functional Medicine Addresses Women’s Health Issues

When you first go for functional medicine in Louisville, CO, Dr. Matthew T. Reddy will provide you with a questionnaire that you have to fill out. The questionnaire helps the doctor get a full picture of your medical history.

Moreover, a physical exam is performed, and blood tests are taken. During the first visit, you will have to identify your health goals after learning about food as a medicine philosophy. Once you’re all set, the health professional will discuss the most suitable treatments and schedule follow-up care.

After visiting the naturopath near me for functional medicine, you will realize that the treatment involves a variety of tools to help you achieve optimal wellness. Optimal wellness is achieved while addressing any medical problems you might face. Most functional medicine treatments are non-invasive thanks to the fact that the treatment focus on the patient’s unique body chemistry and living conditions.

Therefore, it is safe to say that functional medicine for women utilizes a person’s health history, weight, lifestyle and hormone levels to develop a customized treatment. The personalized treatment will help address issues related to weight management, sexual health, mood, pain and energy levels.

Benefits of Functional Medicine for Women’s Health

Functional medicine focuses on the root cause of disease and not the symptoms. What makes functional medicine for women’s health different from other modes of treatment is that it does not focus on the symptoms. Instead, when you visit Reddy Natural Medicine, the medical professional will focus on discovering and addressing the root cause of the disease. So, when the doctor identifies the cause of the ailment, they can treat the disease and provide you with the knowledge that will prevent reinfection for optimal health.

It is patient-focused and highly personalized. As mentioned earlier, the health professional needs to know more about you and your medical history. This knowledge enables the doctor to create a highly customized treatment plan. In short, you might have the same disease as another patient, but different treatment plans are necessary due to differences in health, environment and lifestyle.

Takes a thorough, multidisciplinary approach. Functional medicine considers various aspects of a person’s life. Therefore, different medications might be used to treat a disease. For instance, the doctor may recommend undergoing a detox program while still taking botanical or herbal supplements and vitamins. Functional medicine also includes lifestyle recommendations that promote better stress, sleep, nutrition and movement.

It is science-based and effective. Functional medicine relies on collecting data to come up with the underlying problem. When you go for functional medicine in Louisville, CO, the doctor develops a complete picture of you by looking at your medical history, lifestyle, and physiological and biochemical data. Such information is crucial in creating an effective treatment plan just for you.

Finding a Functional Medicine Practitioner

When looking for a functional medicine practitioner, several important questions exist. They include:

  • Does my health insurance cover functional medicine?
  • Does this practitioner follow evidence-based guidelines?
  • If they prescribe female hormones for me, are they certified and safe to use in treating menopause and hormone problems?
  • Does the doctor follow up on all the test results and perform complete examinations?
  • Is the practitioner focused on my treatment or on selling potions and supplements for profit?

After asking these questions, you can determine if a functional medicine practitioner suits you. Most patients who look for a suitable functional medicine practitioner they’re looking for a practitioner who can set aside time for a complete history and physical examination. In addition, they’re looking for a practitioner who can prescribe non-surgical therapies and dietary and supplement prescriptions to fix health issues without using medicine.

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