Functional Medicine and Its Effectiveness?

Functional Medicine and Its Effectiveness?

Aug 27, 2021

Functional medicine is a rules biology-based method concentrating on distinguishing and marking the source elements of disease. Functional medicine clinics adopt a holistic approach to understand what you are, knowing everyone is different and needs a medical plan personalized for their unique needs.

When you visit functional medicine near you with any ailment, the medical practitioner, instead of determining which medicine will cure your illness, will try to detect why you have the problem and try to restore whatever is not functioning in your body. Functional medicine specialists like the naturopath in LaFayette don’t just focus on treating the disease but instead treat the patient reporting the condition as mentioned by Dr. William Osler, the physician in chief at Johns Hopkins University, who said: “good physicians treat diseases, but great physicians treat the patient with the disease.” Therefore when you visit functional medicine nearby, you are entrusting yourself to a great physician who, besides curing the illness you have, treats you simultaneously by understanding you and your body to provide comprehensive treatment.

What Are the Principles of Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine has five principles that believe every individual is different genetically and biochemically. Therefore the functional medicine doctor in Seattle adopts a customized approach to treat the patient and not merely the disease. Instead of dealing with the disease directly, practitioners of functional medicine look for the body’s natural healing mechanisms to get over the problem.

Please do not assume functional medicine is not science-based because it is. Your body has a complex network of interconnected relationships similar to other webs connecting us. Functional medicine practitioners try to understand the connections to have a deeper comprehension of the body.

Functional medicine clinics and practitioners running them are aware that one condition can have many causes, and in turn, one reason in result in many problems. In addition, these practitioners know that every system or diagnosis can be a contributing factor to an illness bothering you. Therefore they identify and treat the root cause of the disease because the chances of a cure are higher incorrectly treating the patient.

How Do Functional Medicine Practitioners Treat Patients?

Functional medicine practitioners like Dr. Matthew T Reddy initially try to determine why your body is not functioning correctly. They accomplish this goal by using the patient’s medical history as a guide or advanced laboratory testing besides looking at the patient’s overall lifestyle. The treatments they provide often include nutritional and lifestyle alterations, counseling, and a combination of natural ingredients like herbs, homeopathic, supplements, and medication if required.

Is Functional Medicine Effective?

Practitioners of functional medicine encourage patients to play an active role in their health. They educate the patient about their body and its processes, ensuring the patient has a greater chance of receiving treatment successfully to lead a healthier life.

Functional medicine utilizes a holistic approach making it more effective by following a traditional medical management model even without a medical degree. Persistent conditions have various reasons, and comprehensive solutions are not the most accurate way to optimally functional patients. The human body contains many variables with no single solution satisfying all the variables or even their subcategories. The most effective approach to medicine requires figuring out what is not functioning in an individual and not many patients that might have a similar condition with radically different genetics, lifestyles, and medical histories. People asking if functional medicine is effective should, in reality, ask do traditional models of medicine work well sufficiently when treating patients?

When you visit the naturopath clinic near you, the practitioners understand the health conditions bothering you may stem from various sources or biomechanical causes. Lifestyle behaviors and choices may have influenced the requirements concerning the patient. Therefore functional medicine targets the patient’s treatment plan to the specific issue affecting the patient after looking at the causes and resulting conditions.

If you are fed up with traditional medical models and seek a holistic approach to improve your well-being and life, you will benefit by contacting the functional medicine doctor in Seattle to avail a treatment that deals with the entire body instead of just the affliction affecting you. It is proven beyond reasonable doubt traditional medical models concentrate on treating the disease and not the root cause of the problem. Therefore if you want comprehensive treatment for any medical issue contacting a practitioner in functional medicine will bring the results you desire.

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