Completing Your Day – A bedtime meditation

Completing Your Day – A bedtime meditation

Dec 08, 2016

Getting adequate sleep is vital for health so I’m always looking for ways to support sleep patterns. The following meditation is one of the best things I’ve come across. As a bit of context, consider the following questions. What exactly happens when we sleep? Clearly we’re not conscious or aware of our body, so what exactly is happening? Where are we? No one really knows the answers but we are definitely in a different state of consciousness than when we are awake. I believe that one of the main reasons we have trouble fully sleeping is that we don’t make a smooth transition from the awake state into the sleep state and back again. We try to fall asleep with so much on our mind it’s nearly impossible to either fall asleep or stay asleep. Our day is not “complete” so sleep won’t happen. By doing this mediation before bed you will allow the body and mind to transition easily from the waking state into the sleep state.

To begin, get comfortable, close your eyes and take a few deep relaxed breaths. Keeping your eyes closed, visualize a red rose in front of you. See the red petals, the green stem and leaves, and the thorns. Bring it to your nose and breathe in its scent. Remember that the parts of the brain that are activated when an actual rose is in front of you, are the same parts that are activated when you visualize.

Next, keeping the rose in front of you, allow your thoughts to wander through all the events of your day and picture those thoughts/events being collected by the rose. These events are over and done so allow them to be complete. There is no wrong way to do this so don’t worry. Whatever comes up, just let it be collected by the rose. When you feel that you are finished, take a relaxed breathe and visualize the rose exploding into light, taking with it all the events of the day.

When you’re finished, create another rose in front of you. For this part we’re going to bring your energy fully back to your body from where you’ve left it during the day. This may sound weird, but consider all the energy that you’ve expended on people, projects, emotions, etc. throughout the day. That’s what you want to “bring back.” Visualize all the places, people, conversations, emotions, etc. that you’ve had and allow them to be collected by the rose. Again, don’t worry about doing this right, just let whatever happens be okay. When you feel like you’ve covered everywhere that you’ve left your energy and that it’s all collected by the rose, again visualize the rose exploding into light.

Take a few deep breaths, smile to yourself and notice. How do you feel? What’s going on with your mind chatter? Don’t over analyze it but if you feel like you need to, repeat the visualizations and explode the roses into light.

Being complete with our day is extremely helpful for many reasons, especially when it comes to sleep. There is no medication, herb, or supplement that can do it for you. So give yourself the gift of this meditation and you will complete your day. Give it a try. It works!

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