Benefits of the PEMF Therapy to the Body

Benefits of the PEMF Therapy to the Body

Mar 01, 2021

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) is a modern magnetic treatment where sending magnetic energy into your body stimulates healing. According to experts, the human body also contains a magnetic field that controls specific processes.

When this is enhanced with an external magnetic field, there are increased electrolytes and ions motions in the body. A good flow of these ions later stimulates various chemical, mechanical, and electron action in the targeted tissues. Only pulsed magnetic therapy stimulates the activity of electrons in the body.

There are other electronic treatment systems, but PEMF at Dr. Matthew T. Reddy produces powerful magnetic fields, about 10,000 times more than regular magnets. So, how does this treatment work?

How it Works

According to the naturopathic doctor Lafayette, we need to think of the treatment as a battery charger for our tissue cells.

He states that the normal voltage for a healthy cell ranges from -20 – -25 millivolts. When the voltage gets below -15 millivolts, we begin to get sick. A voltage below that renders our cells dysfunctions because they cannot heal.

Inducing a pulsed magnetic voltage into the damaged cells through this therapy causes several physiological changes. First, there is a slowdown in the production of pain and inflammatory intermediaries. Also, blood flowing the cells increases this restoring the normal cell functioning. With less inflammation, there is more cell energy plus faster tissue healing.

Experts explain that chronic diseases and poor well-being can be attributed to cell electrical charge. Enough voltage and tissue raw materials will heal almost any disorder in the body.

PEMF therapy isn’t designed to heal specific body conditions but rather optimize the body’s natural function for self-healing and regulation. Over 200 studies exist to evaluate magnetic therapy’s effects – including Arthritis, Cell Circulation, Regeneration, Pain and wound healing.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many myths about electromagnetic field treatment. However, here are the factual benefits of the treatment to your body.

Increased Circulation

The magnetic field in the body is in circulation. When the cells are injured, they do not contain the required charge to carry out the normal circulation. They, therefore, cluster together, which slows down the circulation.

Passing a magnetic charge through a red blood cell charges it enough, giving it the required energy to repel other cells and separate. The result is increased circulation. Magnetic therapy at Reddy Natural Medicine also increases blood chemicals that stimulate the dilation of blood vessels, increasing the amount of blood flowing through them and more oxygen to the tissues.

Better Muscle Function

For muscles to work, they need muscle energy. The energy is developed through the Myosin Phosphorylation (muscle energy production) process.

With optimal energy, muscles can work harder for more extended periods and heal quickly after fatigue. Contracted or muscles in spasms relax better, decreasing tension and relieving the pain brought by muscle spasms.

Minimized Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural body physiological process by the immune system to fix cellular damage and increase blood flow around the damage site. Inflammation develops from the interaction and generation of some immune cell types. Cells like T-cells work to cascade the effects of inflammation. Therefore, inflammation is a necessary and useful process.

However, if it persists longer than usual, it becomes chronic inflammation, resulting in chronic pain. Pulsed magnetic therapy has been proven to decrease chronic and lethal inflammation.

Application of pulsed magnetic current induces chronic T-Lymphocytes’ death by altering the activity on the cells’ membranes. T-cells enhance the persistence of disease, and removing them favors your body tissues hastening the healing process.

Stress Reduction

Eustress refers to everyday human stress and is a necessary part of our survival. Nevertheless, excessive stress is damaging to the body and speeds the aging process. Studies indicate that 65% of our illnesses are stress-related.

Stress reduction is, therefore, beneficial for the overall body well-being. Magnetic fields possess numerous stress-dropping effects. Thus, regular use of pulsed magnetic treatments can cleanse the adverse effects caused by everyday natural stress.

Bone Healing

As magnetic fields pass through the body, they also brush the bones. Magnetism helps to repair ailing bones, regardless of the cause of damage. Magnetic therapies have even been found to induce bone regeneration after conditions like osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Other benefits include:

• Blood oxygenation

• Improving clotting factors

• Increased energy

• Reduced blood pressure

• Better nerve function

• Better liver function

• Increased flexibility of soft tissues

• Improved sleep


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