5 Steps to Follow for Improved Family Wellness

5 Steps to Follow for Improved Family Wellness

Feb 01, 2021

For life-long health and general well-being, Dr. Matthew T. Reddy at Reddy Natural Medicine recommends coming up with a family wellness plan. Today, adopting healthy routines isn’t a walk in the park. Things can prove to be even harder if you want to bring the whole family on board. You might be one of those people whose new years’ goal is always adopting a healthy lifestyle, but you never come round to doing that. This could be attributed to tight work and school schedules, distractions, social media, and stress.

Although there are different definitions of wellness, it is, in essence, a self-directing and evolving process of achieving your full potential. There are six wellness components: physical, occupational, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual wellness. This article will discuss some effective ideas for improving your family’s wellness in all six dimensions. If you have been struggling to improve your family wellness, these ideas will be of great help. Remember to take it one day at a time. There is no hurry.

Have Meals Together

When it comes to family wellness, preparing or eating together is a great place to start. It helps you bond. Even though crazy schedules may make it difficult for this to happen, sitting together three or five times per week goes a long way. One way to hack this is by prioritizing mealtimes. You can start by letting your loved ones know of your intentions of cooking and having meals together and ask for their views.

If your family members are often scattered during meal times, strategizing may be necessary. You could call them as the designated time approaches instead of assuming they are busy. Sometimes, it is all about communication and planning. Besides, there are several meals you could have in a single day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even brunches.

With such routines, you will be positive role models to your kids. This way, they develop healthy eating habits and learn table manners.

Have a Simplified Family Schedule

How busy are you? Do you create time for your family or you’re the type that comes home when the kids are asleep and leaves before they wake up? If chaos and confusion punctuate your life, it is time you overhauled your schedule. How do you ensure your schedule fosters family wellness? Here are some tips:

  • As the week begins, take some time to reflect on what lies ahead
  • Keep a family calendar in a visible place and update it every week
  • Create a schedule for regular tasks like meal preparation, ironing clothes, and packing lunches

Have Family Fun Nights

You can set apart a night to spend time with your loved one and have fun. During this day, you can watch a movie, play board games, or even solve puzzles. There is no limit to what you can do together for fun. The kids will definitely enjoy riddles, storytelling, stargazing, or camping in the backyard. In the end, you will be tired but fulfilled.

Hold Regular Family Meetings

Never underestimate the power of family meetings. Communication in any given household is key. During these meetings, ensure you involve the kids in decision-making. Although parents will, in the end, come up with a verdict, it is good to let the young ones have a say too. Ask them what they think of the meals, mealtimes, or even family vacations. It makes them feel invested and empowered.

Develop Healthy Sleeping Habits

Sleep or Vitamin S is equally important as healthy eating and physical activity. Sadly, many people are not keen when it comes to this subject. Studies indicate that 25% of American adults report not sleeping enough for 15 out of every 30 days. In essence, they only have adequate sleep 50% of the time.

How important is adequate sleep for family wellness? It helps fight off infections, enhances school performance, supports metabolism, prevents diabetes, and helps you work efficiently. As you gear towards improving family wellness and building health routines, do not underestimate the power of sleep. It would help to create an atmosphere that encourages healthy sleeping habits.

Are you feeling like starting the year on a high note? Our naturopathic doctor in Lafayette is here to help you draft a wellness plan that suits your family’s needs. They will discuss with you the details of the plan and how this plan will help your family.

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